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Cheesecake Recipes

When you think of cheesecake do you imagine the creamy rich filling engulfing your mouth? Or the sweet and crunchy graham cracker or cookie crust?
Or maybe you think of the fruity toppings or the yummy swirled varieties? And then there are the rich and sinful chocolaty cheesecakes. Well, whatever your preference, Super Cheesecakes has a dessert for you!

We have many choices in our collection of cheesecake recipes for you to indulge in. Cheesecake is a decadent, delicious dessert. Smooth and creamy, it is the tastiest and most elegant way to end a meal. It's no wonder people have been perfecting the cheesecake recipe for centuries. Different recipes call for different ingredients. Most cheesecake recipes use cream cheese, but quite a few also have ricotta cheese or cottage cheese as the main ingredient and are equally delicious.

We have cheesecakes from the intensely rich New York cheesecake to gourmet flavors like pumpkin, Oreo delight or brownie swirl. Try your favorite or try a new recipe, we have the creamiest, tastiest cheesecake recipes.

Super Cheesecakes offers cheesecakes made with the best recipes and tastiest ingredients. And, of course, all our products are made with love and devotion. We use only 100% pure and rich Philadelphia brand cream cheese, grade A farm fresh eggs, Imperial brand sugar, pure vanilla extract, fresh fruit and premium baking chocolate in our cakes. Every bite of cheesecake is made with care and a sprinkle of love! every bite is a delight! RSS Feeds: RSS Feed!  Add RSS Feed to Google!  Add RSS Feed to My Yahoo!  Add RSS Feed to My AOL! RSS Feed Subscribe in NewsGator Online RSS Feed!  Add RSS Feed to MSN!